KSW is a genuinely Brazilian company, operating in the auto parts and industrial sector, where it supplies parts in the transmission segment for heavy-duty vehicles, including; clutch bearing assemblies, clutch forks and exhaust manifolds.

With a commitment to providing high quality products, it always seeks continuous improvement in its production, sparing no efforts to acquire equipment with cutting-edge technology, always aiming to satisfy its customers and their objectives and goals, both in the industry and on resale.

It has a team of professionals qualified to meet the expectations of this demanding market.


Design, manufacture and sell high quality products to serve our customers in the auto parts market, with respect, commitment, dynamism and total responsibility, continually developing new products.


Working with the aim of bringing the best to our customers, creating solutions and focusing on the success of each action taken. Monitor the market very carefully, be close to our customers, seeking and providing information, aiming for sustainable growth on both sides.


Providing good service is the duty of any company. We at KSW understand that, in addition to being a duty, it is a commitment on the part of each employee. Ethics and character are part of our philosophy, giving us the certainty of permanence and growth with customers in this increasingly competitive market.

Productive processes

KSW has invested over the last few years in implementing, modernizing and improving its processes, currently having approximately 90% (ninety percent) of its processes verticalized, that is, executed within KSW itself.

We have stamping, machining, tooling, grinding and thermoplastic injection. To make processes more agile, we implemented a modern concept of quick setup for changing tools in machining and stamping. Modular injection and stamping tool systems have reduced setup time to less than double digits, favoring our flexibility in service and reducing delivery times.

Internal processes

Machining, stamping, bearing grinding and thermoplastic injection, where we inject plastic bushings directly into the bearing bearings (cast body) preventing the bushing from rotating or loosening during operation.

Our foundry will open in 2022, where we will start producing our own bearings, in addition to supplying new products that involve the casting process, such as: components for clutch plates.


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